4/7/19 “Not a Fan V: More Than Rules” Mike Sicienski

More than Rules John 8:1-12

A. Introduction:

  1. Gandhi: “I like your ______________, I do not like your __________________. Your Christians are so ______________ your Christ.

  2. Grim Reaper from the movie Unplanned and the Westboro Baptist Church

  3. The Pharisees:

B. Jesus and the Pharisees- (too many rounds to count!)

  1. What Jesus didn’t do:

    1. ______________________________________

    2. ______________________________________

  2. What Jesus did do:

    1. _______________________________________

    2. _______________________________________

C. Final Thoughts :

  1. Followers want to look good on the ___________________, not just the ________________ (Psalm 139: 1,23)

  2. There is therefore no __________________________ for those who are in Jesus (Rom. 8:1)

Questions for further study/thought:

  • Our culture pushes more and more that in order to truly love someone you must support or agree with everything they do or say. What do you think of this?

  • If a relationship with a person or entity was just defined by a series of rules that you had to keep, how would you feel about that relationship?

  • Do you follow God’s rules because you wish to earn His favor, out of obligation, or because of your love for Him?

  • Do you feel that you have been raised/committed to a church or religion, but not in Christ? What steps do you need to take to commit to following Christ?

  • Perhaps you have acted in an unloving way towards those who don’t follow Christ. What actions can you take to be more like Christ was towards the woman in John 8:1-12?