12/2/18 “Gabriel’s Song” Don White

Sermon Outline for Luke 1:26-38. Theme: God’s Messenger, sings as it were, of His favor.

1. God’s ____________ to Virgin Mary

A. Gabriel ‘sings’ Heaven’s vantage on Mary, humble child of God.

B. Greetings, O favored one…also has a sense specific to Mary, David’s descendant.

2. Gabriel sings of God’s Son’s, Her Son’s _________________.

A. As to His Names, vv. 31b-32a, 35c

B. As to His Kingdom, v. 32b.

Questions for Study

What is the traditional name for Gabriel’s visit to Mary? Think about the meaning of that term: was Gabriel asking for Mary’s cooperation in his visit to her? Is there a lesson in this for us, when it comes to God’s Word to us?

How is Mary’s response to Gabriel’s visit similar to, and different from Zechariah’s response (vv. 11-20)? How are their questions different?

How might a Jewish person hear Gabriel’s announcement differently than a Gentile?

What names/titles for Jesus which Gabriel uses speak of His being God? Being Man? What’s the difference from Jesus being the Son of God & being ‘called’ the Son of God? Who will call Him that?

Jesus’ Names/titles describe aspects of the salvation He accomplishes & applies to us. What aspects of salvation does ‘Jesus’ suggest? “Great’? “Son of God”? Ruler ‘over the House of Jacob’? ‘Holy’?

What is the consequence to Jesus of His mother’s being overshadowed of the Spirit, that is, His virgin conception? V. 35. How does this prepare Him to both offer the perfect sacrifice and to be the perfect Sacrifice? (hint: see II Corinthians 5:21; Peter 1:18-19)

Abraham & Sarah’s son, Isaac, is called the child of the promise. What does that mean? How much more so is Jesus THE CHILD of the promise? Can you name some of places in Scripture in which He’s promised?

How do v. 32 and Isaiah 11:1ff; Jeremiah 23:5ff correlate?

How does God’s wisdom shine forth in these details of His plan for bringing our Savior into this world? His faithfulness? His grace?

How is Mary’s response, v. 38, fitting for anyone whom our Lord is calling to service?

Why might we hesitate to give that response to the Lord?

Would you use this Scripture text to witness to an unbeliever? How?