12/16/18 “Zechariah’s Song” Don White

Meditation Outline for Luke 1:67-79 Theme: In tender mercy, God sent

His Son to shine in our darkness.

1. The _______________ situation

A. V. 79

B. Man’s God-substitutes/idols can’t show us the way to wholeness.

2. The ________________ Sunrise

A. Vv. 78-79

B. Christ, our darkness breaking Sunrise has so blessed humanity.

Questions for Study

One name for Zechariah’s song is The Benedictus, taken from the first word in the Latin translation, Benedictus Dominus Deus Israel…

Besides Gabriel’s prophecy, (Luke 1:13-17), what other prophecies does John the Baptist’s birth fulfill? See Mark 1

How does Zechariah’s song reflect his being a priest? (Hint: Levitical priests are concerned with man’s relationship to God; with holiness & right worship).

What are some themes of his song?

Who is/are the “us” of whom Zechariah prophesies? Is Abraham the father of Gentile Christians also? See Galatians 3:7-9.

He calls Christ’s coming & accomplishment of redemption a Divine ‘visit’, v. 68. Can you name other places in Scripture that speak of the Lord ‘visiting’ His people and also His enemies? Why is it described as a ‘visit/visitation’?

How much of Zechariah’s song is taken up with Christ’s coming? How much with John the Baptist’s coming?

Why might Zechariah have used the past tense to describe what Christ’s coming meant/would mean?

What parts of Zechariah’s song celebrating Jesus’ first coming are not completely fulfilled until Jesus’ second coming? Do those parts describe afterlife in Heaven? Life in the New Heavens & Earth? How so?

How are the knowledge of salvation & the forgiveness of sins connected? See v. 77.

Jesus’ entrance into our sin broken world is called ‘the Sunrise/Dayspring/Dawning from on high’, v. 78-79. What beautiful spiritual truths does the term imply?

Other than for a daily reading, how might you use this Scripture in your life?

Composer/Song writer Michael Perry paraphrased Zechariah’s song and set it to music. See: https://www.jubilate.co.uk/songs/o_bless_the_god_of_israel_who_comes_to_set_us_free