1/6/19 “2019 SRC Theme Verse – Romans 12:1-8” Don White

Sermon Outline for Romans 12:1-8, text, vv. 1-2 Theme: Our God warmly presses us to give ourselves up to Him completely.

1. Present your ________ to God, v. 1.

A. I.e., devote to Him our whole life as lived in this body.

B. As with Jesus, as with Wm. Borden, so for us: complete surrender to God is done one day, one choice at a time; presenting is a process.

2. Present your ________ to God, v. 2.

A. We come to our intellect & understanding, our navigation dept.

B. God’s Agent of our transformation is the Holy Spirit.

3. Present your ________ to God, v. 2

A. Put another way: find & follow God’s way in your situation.

B. Sometimes it takes longer to find God’s good, acceptable & perfect way of wholeness.

Questions for Study

What purpose does an annual theme verse serve here? How are we supposed to put it to use in the SRC’s 2019 path navigation?

Have you ever read through the Book of Romans? If so what impression did the book make on you? If not, would you commit to read it through, either at one sitting, or a chapter at a time in 2019?

Paul’s letter to the Romans has its own theme verse, 1:16-17. What is the theme?

Romans divides up nicely into three sections after an introduction in 1:1-17:

1:18-3:20, man’s sin; 3:21-11:36, God’s grace; 12:1-16:27 _________. What might the content be for the last section? Can you discern it from 12:1-2?

To what mercies of God does Paul especially refer in 12:1? What do the terms beseech, exhort, urge, appeal mean? Is Paul/God mainly giving us new information here, or calling for a response from us?

The phrase which is your spiritual worship emphasizes the importance of what?

What does Paul mean by world? Can you give examples of being conformed to it? Why is it wrong to conform/fit in with/go along with the world?

Be transformed by the renewal of your mind suggests we submit to the process of transformation. What renews our minds? Can we renew our own minds? If not, what can we do to furnish the conditions in which our minds are renewed?

According to v. 2, what is the ultimate purpose of being transformed by renewed minds?

How do we test/examine/weigh/assess to discover what God wants us to do in a given situation?

How does Paul describe the character of God’s will in v. 2? How does loving obedience to God’s will affect our character?

According to Romans 12:3-8, what is one of the first ways we can present our bodies to God a living sacrifice?