1/13/19 “God’s Attributes: His Holiness” Don White

Sermon Outline for Exodus 15:1-21 Theme: Our God Is Holy

1. His holiness ______________ in the Song of Moses, Ex. 15.

A. At the song’s heart, v. 11 sums up Scripture’s concept of God’s holiness.

B. See God’s holiness in action.

2. His holiness ________________ in Christ & the Cross.


B. We especially His holiness in the Cross. There is none like it.

3. His holiness ________________ through the Church.

A. Salvation in Christ is all about receiving & increasing in Christ’s holiness

B. We cooperate in their process by loving obedience to God’s Word.

Questions for Study

Holiness is an attribute of God. What is an attribute? Can you name any of God’s other attributes? Is the word attribute found in the Bible?

What do you think of when you hear the word holy, holiness?

Can you name some synonyms for holy, holiness? Off hand, can you cite a Bible verse or portion of a Bible verse about holiness? When we attach the descriptive term holy to persons/items, what are we saying about them?

e.g, Holy Bible, Holy Gospel, Holy Spirit, Holy City, Holy Family, lift up holy hands unto the Lord, holy Sabbath, holy day…

What are some common expressions/exclamations that use the term holy, and in so doing deeply profane & dishonor the term? Besides not taking such utterances in our own mouths, what might we do to discourage others from so speaking?

Did the Israelites have any hand in their salvation from slavery to Egypt & threats to their boy babies? See Exodus 14. Beyond that Exodus 15:1-18 is a song Israel sang to the Lord, what else is it? (consider 14:30-31; 15:19). How might Christians employ this song?

What verses especially highlight God’s holiness/His essential uniqueness & unlikeness to anyone or anything besides Himself?

How do we likewise see God’s holiness in Christ’s Person & works?

How does Christ’s Cross especially testify the holiness of our God?

Exodus 19:4-6; Deuteronomy 7:6-8 testify Israel’s holiness to the Lord. Ephesians 2:18-22; I Peter 2:4-9 use similar language to describe the Church. How are God’s people holy to Him? What are some key words in these Bible texts that express the holiness of His people?

How do Christians individually & corporately reveal God’s holiness? When onlookers ask, what makes you so different from others? what are they expressing about us?

Christian holiness has a terrible price: the Cross of Christ, our own cross, plus all who will live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. Why can’t/won’t the world/unbelievers live & let live when it comes to Christians living out the holiness of Christ in us?

What terms, besides sanctification, does Scripture use to describe believers’ progress in holiness?