2/3/19 “God’s Omnipotence” Don White

Sermon Outline for Psalm 115 Theme: Our God is Almighty

1. His Infinite Power, His _________________ qualified

A. Our God has the power to do all He pleases

B. God always exercises His power in keeping with Who He is: holy.

2. His infinite power _________________ in accomplishing salvation.

A. See it in Christ’s Cross.

B. See His power in Christ’s resurrection, & ours.

3. His infinite power __________________.

A. Psalm 115:1

B. He’s also glorified when we cease projecting our limitations on Him.

Questions for Study

What do you think of when you hear that God is omnipotent, almighty?

How is this attribute both comforting & terrifying to humans?

Name some ways God has exercised His omnipotence?

How do our prayers & the Lord’s infinite power intersect?

How do God’s other attributes (His love, wisdom, grace, holiness, etc.) bear upon & qualify His exercise of His infinite power?

An old, irreverent question asked, if God can do anything, can He make a rock so big even He can’t lift it? How does this misrepresent God’s holy character?

Due to Technical Difficulties, There is no recorded sermon this week.