2/10/19 “God’s Love” Don White

Sermon Outline for I John 4:7-12. Theme: Our God is the Source of genuine love.

1. The ______________ of God’s love.

A. It is from & of God.

B. His other attributes bear upon the quality of His love.

2. The ________________ of God’s love.

A. God’s supreme purpose for His Son’s incarnation & Cross is His glory.

B. The fulfilling of His love in saving a people from sin for Himself, v. 9, 10.

Questions for Study: Can you define or describe what love is–especially God’s love? Can someone really describe it if they’ve not experienced it?

What key ingredient/activity of love do these texts have in common: John 3:16; Galatians 1:3-4; Ephesians 5:25-32; I John 4:9-10.

Our God is One Being, eternally existing in three Persons. Cite Scriptures that describe the relationship between the Father, Son & Holy Spirit?

How do people wrong God when they fasten on the phrase God is love to the exclusion of the other attributes (such as God is Light; God is Holy…)? What does such thinking create?

God’s love is one of His infinite perfections/attributes. Because God is One, a perfect unity, His attributes have bearing on each other. How, for example, do God’s wisdom, knowledge, goodness, omnipotence, righteousness, justice & faithfulness bear upon His love? How does this truth comfort us?