03/22/20 “The Cry of Forsakenness” Don White


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Sermon Outline for Matthew 27:45-54. Theme: Jesus cries to God from the fathomless depths

1. The _____________ in the darkness.

A. Jesus has reached the deepest depths of His humiliation & suffering.

B. To be hung upon the Cross is to be accursed of God (Deut. 21:21)


2. The _____________ of searing torment.

A. Jesus’ outcry tells us He arrived at the final issue of sin, v. 46.

B. As dark as Jesus’ 4th Word from the Cross is, there’s light in it too.

C. Why have we delved into Christ’s sufferings as we have?

Questions for Study: Because Passover/Good Friday was during a full moon, no eclipse was possible. During the time when the sunlight should have been at its brightest and most direct, its light failed, an unnatural darkness covering the whole land (Lk. 23:44-45). What does the deep darkness signify? See Exodus 10:21-23; Joel 2:1-2; Amos 8:7-10;

Zephaniah 1:14-15.

What Psalm is Jesus quoting in His 4th Word from the Cross? How does reading the Psalm help give us background on what Jesus was experiencing

in the His Passion? What other Words from the Cross are either quotations

or paraphrases of Scripture?

What does Jesus’ 4th Word teach us about the wages of sin? How might we use it to dissuade those who say I want to go to Hell because that’s where all my friends are or will be.

How do the following Scriptures relate to Jesus’ 4th Word: II Corinthians 5:21; Galatians 3:10-14. How do they relate to Christians’ estate & experience?

When legalistic Christians seek to add their own works in with Christ’s work so as in their own minds to make God more favorable to them, how does this terribly insult both God & His Son?