9/20/20 “The Seeking Shepherd” Don White

Meditation Outline for Mark 7:24-31. Theme: how far will Jesus go to save a sinful soul?

1. His salvation winning journey covered a humanly unmeasurable ________

2. His soul winning journey covered a great distance as _______________.


Questions for Study

If you are a Christian, how far did Jesus have to go to bring you to Himself?

Can you trace the Gospel trail that led to you coming to Christ?

When you look at the time, travel & effort Jesus expended to visit just one troubled heathen mother, what does that say to you?

What example for Christians, for the Church, does Jesus set here as regarding outreach?

What might this mother have done after she got home and found her daughter well? What weight might that have added to the rumors about Jesus circulating in her area?

How can voicing our own experience of Jesus’ saving grace help add weight to random spiritual discussions at work, other ‘secular’ settings?