11/8/20 “United in Christ, Experienced in Peace” Don White

Sermon Outline for Ephesians 4:1-16, text vv. 1-6. Theme: United to Jesus Christ, believers are one body, one in the Spirit.

1. ____________ at the Unity of the Spirit

A. Vv. 1-6 gist: let us BE in Christ, what we ARE in Christ: one.

B. Seven common connections & blessings in Christ aren’t of our doing.

2. ____________ one another as Christ loved us.

A. V. 2: these are all forms of Christian love in relating to others.

B. Next, Paul calls us to continually practice a fellowship healing grace:

3. ____________ for right relationship, with its fruit, peace.

A. So, who is really disturbing the peace & good order of Christ’s Church?

B. Beloved, God calls us to a far different mindset & target, v. 3.


Questions for Study: what are some things every Christian has in common with every other Christian? How much of this commonality is of the believer’s doing?

God says this indicates that a person has passed from being dead in sins into possession of eternal life In Christ. What is it? Hint, see I John 3:14; 5:1.

God describes His Church using word pictures such as: Household of Faith; Children of God; Spiritual House, Chosen Race, Royal Priesthood, Holy Nation, A People for His Own Possession, the Body of Christ, Temple of the Holy Spirit. What aspects do these word pictures all share?

The membership vows which bind members to our local SRC congregation include the promise to seek the things that make for purity & peace in the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ…What is being promised here?