11/15/20 “SRC, A City Set upon a Hill” Don White

Communion Meditation Outline for Matthew 5:1-16, text vv. 13-16. Theme: Christ in you makes you light, so shine Christian, shine!

1. Jesus ____________ our identity.

A. Authentic Christians, true disciples are doubly blessed of God.

B. By gracing believers in these ways, God makes us light in the Lord.


2. Jesus ____________ our activity.

A. He called us out of darkness into His light to shine forth His excellences.

B. He instituted His Supper to confirm our faith in things of 1st importance.


Questions for Study

What is God’s purpose for light? Salt?

How do those word pictures describe our calling as Christians?

What part do God’s Word & testifying God’s Word play in being salt & light?

Why do people who love lifestyles that involve sin find earnest, loving Christians so much of a threat? See John 3:19-21.

Give a specific concrete example of how you’ve seen a Christian or Christians being light or salt. E.g., pro-life ministries.

Given America’s present spiritual, moral & political climate, what can believers expect to experience in increasing measure?

How do we prepare for it? Hint, see I Peter, which is about preparing for such times. See especially 2:11-12; 4:1ff.

In what ways could SRC do better at being Salt & Light? If you’re convicted about this, would you tell a church leader your suggestion?

How is the Lord’s Supper a feast of Light?