12/13/20 “God’s Son, Our Redeemer & Ransom” Don White



Sermon Outline for Galatians 4:4d-5a Theme: For His Disobedient People, Our Redeemer Fulfilled God’s Law’s Requirements.

1. Jesus perfectly ______________ His Father all His life.

A. That obedience began already in eternity.

B. What did Jesus’ perfect obedience for believers in Him?

2. What Jesus brought to ___________ up on the Cross for us.

A. He came to redeem those who were under the Law…

B. How should we respond to God for such an exquisite Gift?

Mentally? Emotionally? Physically? Relationally? Vocationally?


Questions for Study

What was the price for our ransom from sin & God’s curse?

To whom was it paid?

To redeem someone is to liberate them from their debt & captivity. What freedoms belong to those Jesus liberated by paying our ransom on the Cross?

What are the obligations of those whom Jesus has redeemed from sin & the Curse?

How do Jesus’ miracles of healing illustrate redemption?

How does II Corinthians 8:9 relate to our Galatians 4:4-5 text?

What else did Jesus’ death on the Cross redeem? See Colossians 1:16-20; II Peter 3:8-13.

Why do some refuse to receive God’s free offer to ransom us in Christ? Those who refuse, what does it say about their self-opinion? Their view of God?