2/28/21 “Blessed Are the Steadfast” Don White


Sermon Outline for James 1:12-18. Theme: God uses our adversity, struggles & trials to our good.


1. God ____________ those who endure the crosses He sends.

A. V. 12 describes what awaits at the spiritual endurance finish line.

B. God promises this crown to feed our hopes.


2. God ____________those who blame Him for their fall.

A. From Eden on sinners made excuses & sought scapegoats for sin.

B. Blame shifting dishonors God & gives His enemies occasion to blaspheme.

3. God ____________only good & perfect gifts to His children.

A. Vv. 16-17

B. James illustrates with a major example of God’s good gift, v. 18


Questions for Application

What is the Crown of Life? (v. 12, Revelation 2:10). How does it relate to the other “crowns’ mentioned in Scripture: II Timothy 4:8, Crown of Righteousness; I Peter 5:4, unfading Crown of Glory. What does a crown signify?

In what situations might believers be tempted to say God set them up to fall, to sin? Where did this blame-shifting begin and by whom? How have we tried to blame our circumstances for decisions to sin? How does this relate to self-justification?

What does James say is the key factor in temptation? (The word is used in both 14 & 15). Temptation itself isn’t sin. When does it becomes sin?

What example of a good & perfect gift does James give in v. 18?