3/7/21 “Agreeing with God” Don White


Sermon Outline for James 1:19-27. Theme: Humbly Heed God’s Word

1. ________________ to receive God’s Word.

A. Jesus summed it up this way: take care how you hear.

B. He warns us to repent of hindrances to hearing God’s Word.

2. _____________ to learn & practice His will & way.

A. Vv. 23-25 essentially contrast the intentions of God’s Word’s hearers.

B. The Doer of God’s Word hears it intending to heed it & obey it.


3. ______________ that reflects God’s character.

A. Vv. 26-27.

B. James cites three practices which reveal a heart for God, true religion.


Questions for reflection & application: How do v. 19’s admonitions foster a closer hearing of God’s Word? How would our lives be different if we memorized and reviewed v. 19 daily?

Jeremiah directs God’s people, sow not among thorns (see Jer. 4:1-4). Jesus’ Parable of the Soils picks up on this, explaining the thorns’ effects upon the fruitfulness of God’s Word in a person’s life (Luke 8:7, 14).

How are all filthiness & rampant wickedness related to this? How does tolerating these sins in our lives make us cold, disinterested toward God’s Word, worship, spiritual things?

James describes two people in vv. 22-25, hearer, doer. How are they different in their approach to the Word? What does each look for out of his/her encounter with the Word? Might one liken their difference to those who are observers/spectators in a war & those who are combatants? How?

Which are you? What are you looking for when you come to God’s Word?

How do the three indicators of “true religion” reflect likeness to Christ and unlikeness to the religious leaders whom He called hypocrites? James visits these themes again later on: tongue, 3:1ff; desperately needy, 2:14ff; holiness of life, 3:13-4:12.