3/28/21 “Our Warrior Draws Near His Decisive Battlefield” Don White

Sermon Outline for Matthew 21:1-11. Theme: Our Warrior Jesus enters the ultimate field of battle.

1. Jesus’ ___________

A. One may object, He doesn’t look strong to me, riding a borrowed donkey

B. Prophets Zechariah & Isaiah reveal more of His armament.


2. Jesus’ ___________

A. Is demonstrated in prophecy & practice.

B. He has time for us, compassion, grace & mercy for His serious seekers.

3. Jesus’ ____________

A. Jesus’ ride into Israel’s capitol signaled He claimed Israel as His own.

B. So, He’s King, even if you won’t acknowledge Him.

Questions for application. Name some ways Jesus’ royal entry to

Jerusalem differs from earthly kings’ royal entries. What people groups especially welcomed Him? See Matthew 21:8-16.


Was Jesus’ Palm Sunday ride a visit? An invasion? A repossession or reclamation? In what way(s)? How does presenting Christ’s claims in

the Gospel resemble His public entry to Jerusalem?

Why did many of Israel’s leaders view Him as a threat to be neutralized? What was at stake for them? John 11:45-53.

Jesus is Lord & Owner of all creatures. He sends His servants out to

offer us terms of peace & reconciliation (= the Gospel). Those who believe & obey His call to repent & trust His salvation offer, He pardons & welcomes into His Kingdom. Those who ignore or reject His Gospel call, remain in their sins & rebellion against Him; face His wrath. Which of these are you? What do you think Jesus wants for you?