4/4/21 “Jesus’ Promise” Don White

Sermon Outline for John 11:17-44. Theme: Jesus raises to new life those who believe into Him.

1. Jesus ____________ Himself.

A. He responds to Martha’s disappointment.

B. He reveals His glorious identity: I am the Resurrection & the Life.

2. Jesus ____________His claim.

A. First He describes His power in the case of believers who die.

B. Second, Jesus vows the effect of His power in believers alive with His life in this life.

3. Jesus ____________His claim.

A. The Resurrection & the Life Personified calls His dead believer friend into life.

B. Permit a word to those who reject Christ & His claims.


Questions for Application: How many times in your life do you reckon you’ve heard the Good News of Jesus’ death & resurrection? If you continue to reject His invitation to come to Him for salvation, what is holding you back?

What does Jesus mean by His claim to be The Resurrection & the Life?

Lazarus’ resurrection demonstrates that no one is ever beyond the Lord’s reach. He can reach into the realm of death with no problem.

Is this comforting to you or threatening to you? Why?

How does Jesus raising of Lazarus from the dead foreshadow our future? See John 5:27-29.