4/25/21 “Security in Jesus” Don White

Sermon Outline for John 6:25-42. Theme: Jesus forever secures all who hold to Him in faith believing.

1. ________ persists.

A. His hearers’ interest is a more comfortable “this” life, not a new one

B. He reveals that He Himself is “this Bread” promised in v. 34.

2. The ____________ preserves.

A. Our text testifies Jesus eternally secures genuine believers.

B. This is a word for believers who at times doubt their salvation.


3. The ____________ persevere.

A. He implies it in describing who has eternal life; whom He raises in the Last Day

B. This is a two-edged word for us.

Questions for application.

How would you describe your response to the Bread of Life promise Jesus makes to you? What does He require of you to receive it?

People have bodies, & souls which have minds/intellects, will/decision maker, emotions. When Jesus promised those who come & believe on Him will never hunger or thirst, which of these faculties was He addressing?

What does His relief & satisfaction of our life hungers look like?

How much of a person’s existence does the relationship Jesus offers comprehend?